7 Tips To Protect Your Fence
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7 Tips To Protect Your Fence

Rotten Fence

Rotten Fence

Fencing is becoming more expensive since timber is not as cheap as it once was. Gone are the days when people would buy timber and Summer rains won’t really hurt the fence and they look good in summer when regularly maintained.

Overhanging branches are a killer for fences. A fallen heavy branch can do devastating damage to your fence leaving large gaps. It can carry snow from the winter putting additional weight on the fence. Even smaller branches falling from a height can do damage to the fence so keeping the overhanging branches maintained and cut can save your fence.

Replacement of damaged panels from storms can prevent further damage. Fence panels blowing about in the wind can loosen posts very quickly. Chances are that this can hurt a passerby even at winds of just 40 miles an hour putting you at liability. Repairing your fence panels as soon as possible is suggested, saving not only more damage but also to reduce your liability if any accidents are caused due to poorly maintained fencing.

Termites can be a problem for nearly every fence panel. Redwood, pine, cedar and fir are all softwoods that can be attacked by termites and unfortunately these materials are often used for fencing. Fences that are out of moist soil are naturally saved from such damage since insects and termite needs moist soil to grow. Borax poison is an effective remedy if your find your posts infected with termites and is also a less toxic than other alternatives to protecting your fencing.

Finally a good way to protect your fence naturally is by keeping plants from growing over the fence. Vines should be avoided as they will damage the paint and staining of the fence. Plants add an artistic appeal, however can add weight, especially when raining and might damage the fence by overloading it. A chain link fence is the best solution if you want plants that like to climb and also protects your fence from moisture of plants and the additional weight.

A regularly maintained fence saves on costs as it will last for years and there’s nothing like a pleasant well maintained fence to look at in the summer. Why not come and visit our home page or give us a call for more tips and advice on your fence.

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